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TV - film - clip - photo session


We are open to all forms of cooperation and the implementation of various, often spectacular, orders. We are happy to cooperate on television and film productions. We are familiar with shots for music videos and commercials. Therefore, if you think about the use of a helicopter in your TV production, please contact us and we will undertake the task at the highest level.



Are you organizing a company event, integration event or event for clients? Maybe it is worth taking care of the uniqueness of this event and provide participants with an unforgettable experience in the form of a helicopter flight. At the agreed place, available to guests, a helicopter will be available, which, taking 3 people for a 15-minute flight, will allow them to look at the world from a different perspective. Within 1 hour we can take 9 people for such attraction! The relation of the effect and great impressions in terms of costs is undoubtedly an ideal idea to make the event an original and unique event!

Sightseeing flight


The world seen from the air is a different world. It seems that you know the area and yet after rising into the air, the views are breathtaking. Choose the route and places you want to see, and we will do our best to enjoy the beautiful panorama from the deck of the helicopter and reach the places you have always wanted to visit. A flight over the tops of the mountains, landing on a forest glade or on the lakeside give a sense of freedom and a completely different view of the beauty of our country. We are open to your ideas, so share them with us and we will make them implement them.

Helicopter for the wedding 


First of all, we would like to congratulate you and wish you all the best today on the new way of life! Engagement and wedding - these are the moments that remain in our memory forever. They belong to the most beautiful moments of our lives and therefore they are always prepared with the greatest care. We would be honored to accompany you in these moments. Engagement in the skies or just after landing in the heart of wild nature? The arrival of the Bride and Groom for a wedding or a wedding? Let this day be unique at every turn!


Flight as a gift


Are you looking for a unique gift for a special person? Do you want the gift from you to be truly unique and not the next of many similar ones? We have an idea - give a helicopter flight.

Helicopter flight is an unusual, exclusive experience that gives an unforgettable experience. A great gift for any special occasion, which can be ... birthdays, anniversaries, engagements or Valentine's Day. We know from experience that such an original gift is always awe-inspiring and will be remembered as an unforgettable moment.

Heli Taxi


At a certain stage of business diversification, it is extremely difficult to reconcile the time and number of responsibilities and at the same time to keep a place for loved ones, your own hobby and yourself. We understand the needs of people like you - people involved in large projects that require your presence in many places, almost at one time. Therefore, we will do our best to help you implement your projects. Thanks to renting a helicopter, which almost in a straight line, at a speed of 200 km / h, without traffic jams, detours and other obstacles you will reach places where you simply have to be.    

Wynajem helikopterów
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