We offer you the opportunity to pay by bank transfer, generally available payment / credit cards and PayPal


Bank transfer details:

POLCOPTER sp. z o.o.

pl. Matejki 9/8

31-157 Krakow


Idea Bank Swift: IEEAPLPA


PLN: PL27195000012006004107360002

EUR: PL70195000012006004107360004


Acceptance of the offer


After you accept the offer, we send you a pro forma invoice based on which you make the payment. Of course, if the flight did not take place due to bad weather conditions or the action of "force majeure", all the funds paid are returned to you.

Offer calculation


Based on the developed flight route, we know exactly how long it will spend in the air. Depending on the type of helicopter to be used, we multiply the flight time by the rate which is provided for each flight hour. Thanks to that, we can present you with a precisely prepared offer. Of course, if there are additional costs for landing or handling operations, you will get to know them at the evaluation stage.   

Analysis of the planned flight route


By receiving an inquiry regarding the price of your flight, our team applies the planned flight route to the air maps and thanks to that we get to know the duration of the flight. When planning, we take into account all restrictions in the airspace, landing capabilities, etc.  

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